Advertise With Us

Advertise With Us
Innovate Now Magazine appeal to Innovators/Startups/Ministries/Policy makers/Colleges/Universities/Incubation Centres and many more place to reach at right place where students can avail easily and be a part of Innovation. You will get a good coverage of your creativity and benefits in reaching towards targeted customers in market. People who work from home are more interested in magazines that cover topics such as entrepreneurship or work-life balance while working professionals may rely on business and entrepreneurships.

Innovate Now Magazine Advertising Rates (Every Issue)
Rs 4,00,000 For Gatefold Front Cover
Rs 2,50,000 for back cover page
Rs 2,00,000 for back cover inside page and front cover inside page
Rs 1,50,000 for inside full page
Rs 75,000 for inside half page

Web Advertising Rates (Per Month)
Banner Ad 1,50,000 (1000×600 px)
Block Ad : 50,000 (300×250 px)
Ad in stories : 75,000 ( All stories for 1 month)

Youtube Advertising Rates (Per Month)
video ad in You tube : Rs 15000 (lifetime for 1 video )