Derek.C.lalchhanhima, a 6-year-old boy from St.Pio School in Aizawl, Mizoram has been awarded as the Compassionate Kid by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India, for his concern towards animals. He was facilitated by Fr. Stuwart Prajval Fernandes, the principal of the school during the school assembly on Monday.


The thought of a 6-year-old
Derek was riding his bicycle. Accidentally and unintentionally he ran over chick who rushed under the bicycle tyre. On realizing this, he carried the bird and rushed home. Seeking help, he asked his parents what could be done. Derek’s father, Dhiraj Chhetri suggested rushing the chick to the hospital. With Rs.10, the boy took the chick to the hospital and pleaded the vets to cure the chick. To his surprise, the chick was dead on arrival, reports PETA. He was heartbroken.

“Even though Derek didn’t succeed in saving the chick’s life, he had the heart to realise that animals want to live just as much as we do and that they must never be left unattended when injured. All of us can make choices to ensure that we always treat animals with compassion and respect. PETA India is recognising Derek’s act of kindness, and we hope it will inspire other children to follow in his compassionate footsteps,” says PETA India Education and Youth Outreach Manager Puja Mahajan in PETA’s press release

Proud parents of Derek

“The parents of the child were happy because this is something special. An award recognised as a compassionate kid. Which parent would not be overjoyed if their child is called to PETA’s compassionate kid? Derek was facilitated in the school very next day of this incident and on Monday, he was facilitated with this award during the school assembly,” Fr. Stuwart Prajval Fernandes, principal of St.Pio School told NewsOnPets. “My empathy towards animals is that we need to have a compassionate heart. Animals are just like us, they too have feelings like humans. Although they cannot express it in words. As fortunate humans, we need to feel them and show them love just like we would do to humans,” Fr. Stuwart added.

Other award winners
Apart from Derek, previously “Compassionate Kid Award was also given to long-time PETA supporter and actor, R Madhavan’s son, Vedaant. On his birthday every year, Vedaant asks his friends and family to give him the best gift of all by donating to his favourite charity, PETA. In addition, he shares PETA’s literature and other materials with his friends to show them ways to help animals. Another award in this category was given to the German International School in Chennai by PETA as PETA’S Compassionate school for its decision to start serving exclusively plant-based meals to students, the very first school in India to do so. The school’s menu is completely vegan which does not include meat, eggs or dairy. The institution set a perfect example of how to teach students healthy eating habits that are cruelty-free and protect the environment .



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