Well we have always lived with a misconception that whenever a person is suffering with some sort of mental disorder then he needs to be taken to the psychologist. And many of us don’t even know about the fact that there is the sub division within the psychologists as well who are specialized in different field. But have you ever heard about organizational psychology who is majorly involved with an organization? So this week we will help you learn more about organizational psychology and its need.

Exclusive interview with Dr. Ritu Sharma, PhD Psychology and an expert of organizational Psychology who is telling about how psychology is helpful in startup and entrepreneurship.

What all things are there those should be kept in mind by a startup or an entrepreneur at an initial level? How to assist ourselves?
I think there are lot many ideas available but I cannot see perseverance, sustenance, product-ability of any idea. To certain extent in media it is shown that there are total this much business ides and this many are flop but how many of us tried to learn who was the person behind the business? How much preparedness that person involved while initiating the business? No business owner can be successful in a single day. They have seen those downfalls. But what matter is how many of them will get up continue with their business. Make in India is a wonderful initiative, India have such variety of things that are world famous. Starting a business is not important sustaining it, is important. In today’s youth nobody has a smaller goal everybody has a bigger goal. So at the initial level with the bigger goal your business will boon because it’s a noble idea. But what is there in your idea that will make it sustained?

How the upcoming entrepreneur should assist oneself?
We must know that what our locus of control is. How much we blame others for our failure and how much you want to know about your own failure that why it happened? If the businessman realizes that my failure occurred cause of me then he will be able to work it out. But for that self introspection is very important. We critically evaluate others very quickly but how quickly do we critically evaluate ourselves? I don’t have to look at business idea to suddenly become rich; I must take small steps which are sustainable.
How do you define vision and vision? What should be the ingredient of vision and mission?
Mission is something a smaller, a quicker goal which you have to achieve. It is something that is very much reachable for the company. Something that you can accomplish probably in 4-5 years. Vision is the long term goal.

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Colleagues at an office meeting

How important are psychologists for industrial growth, especially upcoming entrepreneurs?
It is the irony of Indian society that people do not understand that what are the organizational psychologists all about? We have seen clinical psychologists doing training for employees; we have seen counselors doing training for employees. We have to understand that these all people are specialized in certain fields. So organizational psychologists is someone who will help employees to improve their performance. He will look at the individual aspect of the organization like how to motivate people, how to drive people, organization development, organization training. These are the specialized fields the organization psychologists especially work on. It is very important for you to sit with this person, and plan if in case if you have small no. of employees, because he is the person who will help you about how to really engage your employees, and make them more effective.

How you define motivation for industrial growth and how one can motivate self and his team, do we require any professional for the same or one can do it by them self?
First of all you have to have the clarity of goal you yourself before you can drive others. An ambiguous mind cannot drive 10 other people will only increase ambiguity in the environment. For instance you will show vision to your employees that in 3-4 years you have to reach here, but when it is reached then where you’ll drop your employees. So because of this clarity of goal within you is very necessary. And plan is the thing that needs to be concrete rather than just working on anything.
To have that knowledge that can really help you grow and sustain in that particular business, that is something very important. In society today you need to learn about how to run that business, what are integrities of that business? Gain some experience. Today you go to any big organization the child of head of the organization goes definitely for internship before becoming a CEO or Vice President.


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