Have you ever imagined a petrol vendor turning into a flabbergasting success? If not yet, start now.

K.P. Singh Chauhan, who earlier used to work in a petrol pump, is now a billionaire. With Arogya Medical as his prominent work, his organization has turned into a leading giant. Chauhan has a never ending search for innovations, it seems. Tea chains “Cup and Puff” and entertainment sensation “Opera Cinemas”, being the sister organizations, are going a big hit.

Experiencing the medical frauds

Chauhan got spurred up by an exclusive idea when he was into advertising. While he observed the trauma of unaffordable prices of drugs and medicines, he thought of creating a system which will be corruption free and, hence, can manufacture low cost and cheap medicines. With this drugs can be provided directly to the patients, without getting into the hassle of corruption. So, with a vision of making Pharmas more transparent and medicines more easily and cheaply available, Chauhan established the huge success “AAROGYA MEDICAL”.

“Observing the loopholes in the existing market and developing it for better use, with one’s own intellect, is nothing but INNOVATION”

Shunning Medical Marketization

Far before PM Modi advocated the use of “generic medicines”, K.P. Chauhan had already kick started a campaign of circulating them in the market. He faced a lot of obstacles in his jealous oppositions, but his rigorous study of the market for 2 long years made his shops took the form of a revolution within no time. And AROGYA MEDICAL started witnessing a long queue of customers and compelling the other competitors to have a board of discounts on their shops!

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Opera Cinema

Opera Cinema is Chauhan’s that invention which is again a befitting reply to the growing commercialization and marketization of theatres and cinemas. Where we spend at least a thousand bugs for movies, opera cinema brings entertainment at an affordable rate; a stress buster flick, pop corn and cold drink, all at a meager price of Rs. 19! Where commercial cinema is only available in metro cities, opera cinemas are on floors in all the tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Breaking all the stereotypes, by the end of 2018, Opera Cinema aims at hitting 400 theatres on floors.

Cup and Puff

Can you ever think of any innovation in “selling a tea”? K.P. Chauhan with his bank of imaginations made this too possible. Where on one hand, tea–stall brands, now–a–days, are focusing more on ambience, Chauhan wanted to develop a tea venture where taste remains the priority. With this he came up with an idea of a chain organization ( like pizza and burger) and established “CUP AND PUFF”.

On–Job to Giving–Jobs

Many of the MBA students during their college days might be perplexed as to why they are being taught “social entrepreneurship” as an important subject. Here is your answer. K.P. Singh Chauhan has a strong belief in PM Modi’s often said words “A Social Entrepreneur shall replace a Businessman” and with this he believes in the fact that innovation is the only way to directly compete with the already existing leaders in the market. He opines that success and innovation do not confine to IITs and IIMs. Infact, in the present era where we talk of unemployment, a creative mind with thoughtful innovations cannot sit ideal. And this is how we have to put an end to “just working” and become an entrepreneur. Instead of loitering around for finding jobs, start distributing jobs to others. This is the power of start up and social entrepreneurship!
After all until when you will live in a rented house. Someday or the other you will have to build your own!


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