And we really would have to grieve for reasons, for sure!

The dearth of our natural resource like “water” is no new to us! Where 75% of the mother Earth constitutes life-sustaining water, then why humanity is still sobbing for it?
Thanks to Dr. Shailesh Kharkwal who has a much-needed rescue for us!

Let us take you to, The Venture of Victory..

Dr. Shailesh Kharkwal, 34, is a famed Indian water scientist who has done a proud job in making “Singapore” overcome its water adversities with his exceptional solar-powered water purification plants, for which felicitated by Singapore president Mr. Tony Tan also. Apart from being a bigwig entrepreneur in the water field, the protagonist of “H2O Mantra”—a recent sensation in water management and water research industries—is an environment enthusiast.

The Innovation

While in the process of making numerous ardent efforts for his research, Shailesh ended up with an innovation of a System—a technique which is capable of purifying the dirtiest flooded water and making it drinkable, that too in minutes. The most highlighting feature of Kharkwal’s innovation is that unlike the other purifying technologies, it provides drinkable water restoring the essential elements present in it. Indeed! What is the point in drinking life-giving water with barely any nutrients? Besides, where other existing purifiers waste 70% of the water, Kharkwal’s system ensures a mere 3-4% of water wastage in the entire process. It works even in the areas with no electricity and has an amazing efficiency of 150 L/h. The portable pumps are light weighted and work as a simple hand-pump. The membranes used in the pumps are NSF (USA), TUV (Europe) and ISO certified.

The Revolution

Born and raised in a small town of Dev Bhumi, Uttarakhand, a state blessed with major water resources like Ganga and Yamuna, Dr. Kharkwal since his early childhood was baffled with the ironical water scarcity in the region. “I have closely experienced my relatives and their kids walking kilometers just to bring a few jerrycans of drinking water”, says Kharkwal. This quest of a solution for this unfortunate dearth of such natural resource, though disturbing, motivated the young scientist for his commendable venture to the National University of Singapore (NUS), the Best University of Asia and in top 15 of the world. Thus a “future innovator” was born.

The Cause Behind

“Interest in R&D in Environmental sector which could allow me to contribute something impact full to society triggered me to do Ph. D. at NUS”, declaimed Kharkwal saying, “throughout my research I had been focusing on as to how I could at least provide people with scant drinking water, a resource, surprisingly, so ample in nature”. And for this, Kharkwal is a gift to humanity!

The Success Glory

Long after his felicitation by the Singapore president Mr. Tony Tan, it was, the country’s ex-environment minister, Late Anil Madhav Dave’s recognition to Kharkwal’s innovation that earned him some light for the very first time in India. Giving wheels to the half-done dream of late Dave, he envisaged H2O Mantra as a start-up company with successful installations of inexpensive water purification plants in Bhopal, Barwani, Burhanpur and many more places. Besides, water scientist Shailesh has also come up with SMS-tracking sensor technology that can detect any source of effluent and alert the authorities through SMS. With this, a budding idea bloomed into a huge victory!
After a long challenging journey, I am proud that today, our inexpensive water purification systems are able to end rural thrust to some extent”, reporting to ABC world media he continues, “for me, profit has always been a side product, but yes I am happy to see that we are almost reaching to 1 crore turnover this year.”

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Awards and achievements

  1. SPORE awardee for SSC 2012 (Gold) and SSC 2011 (Silver);
  2. NGS scholarship for Ph.D. at NUS;
  3. Recognition by FICCI for innovative Start-Ups
  4. Recognized Start-Up by DIPP, Govt. of India

The Installation

The first smart city cell, under Modi government’s AMRUT Project, featuring Kharkwal’s plant, has been placed in the MP capital, Bhopal, wherein 1L of water purification costs Rs. 10-12/L contrary to Nigam rates which supplies pure water at Rs. 22-24/L.

Think About..

India is likely to etch Israel’s technique for water purification, as known to pioneer water conservation innovation. But, Kharkwal, for a surprise, has been successful in water conservation and purification far before Israel! So, why do we need an external help when we are already capable with such indigent talent?


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