2018 gave us ample of opportunities to explore many noble trends in startups. As the technology is expanding, its possibilities, competition and the need of the novelties is also growing with the same pace.
Startup doesn’t necessarily mean that you always come up with some new inventions; you can present some old ideas or traditional businesses in a unique and noble way. Startup is all about solving problems, giving ease to the common people or to various sectors with a good business strategy and with ‘investment control and return plan’.
Now it’s time to welcome 2019 with some new startups and Innovations, and here are some great areas which can generate immense possibilities for uprising entrepreneurs.

1. Real life problems and solutions
The core motive of a Startup is to solve the problems and create the existing or a convenient way of working. Generally, startups and innovations are more focused in the easy services like food, grocery shopping, online payments etc.
In 2019 more startups should come up with solutions to real life problems like sanitation and urban industrial waste management, farmer’s problem, healthcare sector problems, traffic management or malnutrition etc.
Always remember, great the challenge then greater is the gain and recognition. I have already emphasized on the need of the research work for startups in my last article and with this kind of endeavor will certainly require a tedious research work, but will definitely generate better opportunities for startups and Innovators.

2. Government project and startups
Startups generally avoid association with the government or we can say they are afraid of doing government projects. There are many reasons, but two prominent reasons are there for this psyche.
One is the lengthy and tedious implementation process the and second is the inability to reach the right authority.
I admit there are some practical challenges in working with the government organizations, but still better opportunities are lying within the government projects.
Startups can make these projects better and more efficient with the association with government. Air pollution, water contamination, food supply chain, drinking water for all, and many more areas, that are still unexplored by the startups and investors.

3. Database Management
Along with creating new data and ideas, we also have to manage our past records too. We still have piles of files and papers in our government offices, registrar offices, universities etc.
We are seeing an online registration boom during this era, but the old data are equally important for us. Especially, we have many notaries and land registry papers which are still lagging behind in the digital age.
Organizing of this data and making it digitally accessible is a great challenge, and an equally great opportunity for many startups. During my innovate India interviews I have come across with a few block chain technology startups, who are beautifully working on such projects, but still access to government organizations, and acceptability of such an idea is still lacking from the government side.
This database problem is not only with registrar offices or with property papers, but in many areas we are still dealing files and papers, it becomes imperative to digitize and organize.

Sky is the limit for the people who are able to find possibilities and opportunities in problems.

4. Coaching and guidance for startups
I have seen many startups which are having great ideas, but even with all the efforts they are not able to implement their ideas and reach the target market successfully.
The main reason I believe is the lack of experience and short of connections in the market, this is the basic problem for many startups and as I said earlier startup is all about solving problems. So, this problem could be addressed by some professionals who can come up with coaching and guidance startup tips for other innovators and upcoming entrepreneurs.
Professionals with good connections and with good public relations skills could come up with this idea or investor can organize such professionals at one platform in one startup.

5. Online education or e-learning
Educational field is considered to be one of the richest growing industries. Education and technology together, can generate many opportunities for upcoming startups. Good quality of teachers or lecturers is also required for the same, which will eventually generate employment.
On the other hand the way of presentation, is also an important factor in this area of opportunity. E-Learning for various academic programs, competitive exams like GATE, CAT, UPSC or vocational training, skills development or language and communication skills, and many other areas of education are still unexplored by the startups and the aspiring entrepreneurs.
Sky is the limit for the people who are able to find possibilities and opportunities in problems, so solving the problem is the key of making a good startup.
Social media management, hospitality, repairing gadgets, online entertainment and many more fields are still to be explored by the startups. I hope 2019 would come up with some great ideas and INNOVATIONS of some major problems by the startups.


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