Switching the career have always resembled difficult and sounded stupid to others. A person who thought of switching the career never received the support in the country, but reading the success story of one such switcher might motivate all out there.

Exclusive interview with Dr. Ujjwal Patni, motivational speaker about the environment of startups in India and where India is lacking the essence to promote startups in India.

1. Do you see the environment of startups for youth in India?
– This time in the world the fastest economy that has been predicted to lead is India, and India has the maximum population of youth, and today youth is immensely connected to technology and innovations, which is why if in the world anywhere the consideration to the innovation will move ahead will be in India, this has already taken pace. If you will pay visit to any engineering college you will see 5-7 startups but for the present no high quality startups have evolved so yes the trend has started and it will pick the pace surely.

2. Currently there is a much need to connect education with startups. So how the totality for the same will come?
– Our education system is very rotten. It not at all focuses on the entrepreneurship. Today if you’ll go to any school and ask children what they want to become? The answers would be doctor, engineer, teacher, scientist etc. None will say that they want to become a businessmen or an entrepreneur, reason behind that is in our school it is preached that believe the teacher who has taught, do not try any experiment. In fact if the startup culture has to be brought in the country then we need to remodel the education in the schools. So there is the need to make the education system of schools innovative, so that from there the mindset of startups could be built.

  • Prepare yourself; if you’re not prepared then there is no ecosystem.
  • If you are going to the biggest hub but your brain cannot see the opportunity then there is no ecosystem.
  • Don’t be afraid of the failure. Because the one who’ll be ready to take risk will achieve the gain.
  • Don’t concentrate on what others are saying through the journey.
  • Do not consider any of your ideas as small.
  • Always keep the co-founder.
  • Lastly always believe someone as your role model and try to move on his footsteps. 

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3. What do you think about incubation centres?
– Yes these incubation centres are not in reach of common people. They are available in the specific places in the entire country. If the country wants to promote the entrepreneurship then they have to create such hubs from school and colleges itself, where children can submit their ideas and be rewarded.

4. How to think like an innovator or what should be the startup thinking?
– First and foremost thing is read as much as you can because through reading you’ll understand that what mistakes do not make and you’ll understand through reading that no work is small or less. Firstly children should erase the misconception that innovation always means something new. Putting something old in a new packet is also an innovation. One cannot make innovation endless that everyday everyone should bring something new.
Enter into the ecosystem of success, which is made of three elements-:

It is predicted that till 2050 India would by the biggest economy of the world but the most unfortunate thing in that would be that maximum people would be middle class service professionals, this has not been predicted that we will be researchers or innovators, the reason behind that is there is no support system from school and colleges.

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5. Startups must involve people from different backgrounds but they must believe the company to be their own.
– When you start the startup from school college level then gaining such ecosystem becomes easy because at that time people are your friends and classmates and they don’t see everything relating with the money. Other than that connect people to your passion. Go to conferences where people come to find co-founder or partners such as Tycoons. Next enter the world of internet. Where you can share your ideas on blogs and can mention by writing that ‘I want a Co-founder, is anyone interested?’ it has a great reach as well.

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