Today being a part of technology efficient world no doubt it has eased down our lives but do we realize that behind our backs what all diseases have grabbed us. Though increasing health problems are giving excuses to expand the business related to it, that to in a great pace.

In this week’s Innovate India we are focusing on the two aspects of Fitness or Health. One is the awareness about our own strength and willpower and second is the startups possibilities in the fitness Field.
Dr. Praveen Tiwari is speaking to Two wonderful athletes, Ramniwas Malik who is the current Mr. India and Sharmila Bhattacharya who is title miss India, in an exclusive interview as both have won many bodybuilding championships and now actively involved in the fitness training business too.


India has never been gym freak; arrival of gyms in the nation can be said as the impact of westernization. India still is deprived of realization of maintaining fitness. Earlier people used to believe in eating pure and fresh food but today in the age of adulteration it’s impossible to discover pure food and hence now generating the lost realization of maintaining fitness.
“There is a lot of improvement presently in our country, earlier people never thought about this lifestyle, people never paid attention to the food as well and due to which many diseases have increased in our country, cardiac arrest have become so common now, so people have come out. They have started thinking that they must start going to gym and the one who are unable to go to gym have started jogging, so yes image of fitness have changed in our country.” – Sharmila Bhattacharya

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Many gym and fitness chains have emerged in the recent time. But do you really think that are they really fulfilling the cause or the intention with which they were set up?
“When I started my career, I remember then gyms were not so common and the one we had they were very expensive. But now we will find one gym in every corner. But yes we do need more young entrepreneurs and big scale investors; they need to get open up with athletes like us. They can put in their business skills and we can put in our training skills.” – Sharmila Bhattacharya
“If such big sports people like Dhoni can up with ‘Sports Fit’ then why can’t we? Why do we really need the westerners to come and invest in our country when we have our own talents?” -Sharmila Bhattacharya

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  • I only want to say that one must never be in hurry,
  • Don’t come under the wrong trainer,
  • Don’t harm yourself by in taking any sort of steroid,
  • Follow a good diet in a routine, Follow a workout in routine


If you have the preconceived notion that gym is the only business in the fitness industry then you are mistaken, because there are many opportunities that you are not even able to see through your naked eyes.
“Huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups in fitness industries are available. See, many people can’t do gym they get bored and if we talk about senior citizens they can’t do hardcore gym but for them we can startup with light functioners, body weight techniques and many things like good yoga studio. So there are many things and I really wish that entrepreneurs really come up and contact people like us.” -Sharmila Bhattacharya
It has always been a prejudiced that athletes only boast about their fitness and one can only get motivated by it but none has any practical solution for the common public’s health. But today you might want to change your assumptions.

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“We can meet big entrepreneurs and we can find a good set up in a good place. And then we can go for schemes telling people to join. We can bring athletes who can bring best trainers in the market and go ahead with it. But we need a good name as Dhoni because the basic need is of the investment.” -Sharmila Bhattacharya
We are coming up to a point where government, fitness trainers and entrepreneur can club together and they can create some good ventures which won’t be so costly, easier to access by common people and will definitely promote the cause of fitness.

“In 24 hrs a person must take out at least an hour for physical fitness because your body will only cooperate when it’s fit. And more important point than this is your diet. And business can be increased through mouth to mouth advertisement, like if I visit a gym and found it satisfactory then will bring few more people they will bring few more it’s like a chain and business evolves like this only.” -Ramniwas Malik 


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