Let me define a leader. He must have vision and passion and not be afraid of any problem. Instead, he should know how to defeat it. Most importantly, he must work with integrity.” APJ Abdul Kalam’s
Things which get you reward always feel like near to your heart or you can call them passion of your life. Innovate Now is an effort to bring out the passion of Indian youth. We would focus on the successful efforts by many of the youngster in creating their startups. We have a panel of expert which is going to help the upcoming entrepreneurs to achieve their goal. in my maiden Editorial I would like to talk about the real meaning of passion and how the youth can transform their passion into profession.
From the very childhood people’s appreciation for your efforts, makes you feel good about certain things. For eg. It may be drawing dancing or singing of a child which gives him/her a feel of respect after family members appreciation. Rewards and appreciation by the people make them realized that they are good at it and they find their way for the same. Today we are talking about process of converting this passion in profession as one who understand it will get the joy of success and satisfaction of achievement.
Identifying the interest or passion is not that difficult but nurturing it as a profession is far more difficult as it require skill acquisition and constant guidance. One who gets it certainly explores the particular area and achieve as per other skills. Always remember talent is the set of many skills, as passions alone can’t lead you to the success. For eg. If you want to be a successful singer than only good voice and musical diploma won’t work for you. These are the basic necessities but you have to have knowledge about the entire music field, connections in the field, awareness of the reality shows or other platforms to exhibit your talent.
Here we’ve to understand that being talented and exhibition of talent requires two different sets of skills. Reward and appreciation are the constant motivation for moving further throughout the life. People who manage to acquire both the sets of skills certainly get the success. Success is nothing but the constant reward generation or satisfaction about your current situation many of the time.
Profession is something we acquire for earning livelihood. We all need money to survive but most of the time survival processes lack the passion and that’s why lack the reward and appreciation process also. This is the reason why all the companies run employee reward and appreciation processes to keep them boosted. These efforts are just for the sake of company’s growth and the individual may feel good for a period of time but at the bottom of his heart the missing satisfaction phenomenon, always create discomfort and that’s why most of the people feel caged or imprisoned in their respective professions.
One who finds his or her way from passion into profession will certainly gets the joy of success as they are not depended on somebody else for their rewards. Passion into profession is a self rewarding process. Most of the time profession is chosen on the ground of social and financial grounds. People are not passionate about curing ailment but they know that doctors get respect and good money as well in the society and that is the only reason why many of the youngsters pursue medical fields. It’s a fact that all the doctors may be of great use to society but they are not equally rewarded or equally successful or equally satisfied in their lives.

Identifying the passion

Identifying the passion is the first step and then acquiring all the possible sets of skills is the next step. What please you? What are the things you can do even without getting money or reward? What kind of people makes you feel jealous? (That’s an odd way but it certainly helps you in identifying your true passion) What kind of subjects you can read or watch on internet tirelessly? What are the things which make you forget the time lapses? What goes on in your imaginations? Answers to some of these questions could help you in understanding the seeds of passion within you.
I write the seeds of passion but not the true passion as interest and hobbies alone can’t lead you to anywhere and this is the most common mistake done by people in identifying the true passion. Always remember passion does not mean merely understanding your interests and hobbies but the process of acquiring all sets of skills related to it. The most successful people are most passionate about their work, and they are almost never defined by a single skill. They are a fusion of skills, often not even exceptional skills, but they’ve made their fusion exceptional. Steve Jobs was not the world’s greatest engineer, salesperson, designer or businessman. But he was uniquely good enough at all of these things, and wove them together into something far greater. So is with any of the successful entrepreneur, artists, journalist or sportsman.
I’ve seen many great artists in my life who are not as successful as their talent should have landed on them. So is with the people who have great connections and strategies to get success but equally great skills are missing in them. It should be a proper fusion. Many of the time, small talent and fewer marketing strategies could work out beautifully but fusion is the basic necessity. I’ve seen many great writers who have great writing skills but reaching the publisher’s and understanding about the publication industry is completely missing, such people are certainly wasting their talent. Startups and Innovators should also identify their passion and then convert it into the profession. Always remember just the profit hunger won’t lead you anywhere. You can become an ideal once you identify your passion convert it into your profession with the fusion of sets of various skills required.


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